nubila IoT connector

Nubila is an “Internet of Things” cloud connector.
Create networks of embedded devices which communicate between each other, interact over the internet and store data on the cloud, without worrying about mobile connectivity.

What is nubila?



Nubila module is an OEM device (SoM), designed to be integrated on your board.



Nubila supplies secure mobile (GPRS/UMTS) connectivity to your devices.


Nubila cloud is a platform used to store and analyse data gathered from your devices.


Nubila module is an OEM device which can be optionally integrated on your board. It integrates a microprocessor, a GPRS/EDGE/UMTS modem, a GPS receiver and a dedicated Nubila SIM. It has low-power requirements and industrial grade certifications, ready to be used in your extended temperature range embedded applications.

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Nubila optionally provides a SIM with international coverage which securely tunnels your devices directly to our cloud platform. The connectivity can be activated and deactivated online through the platform and its cost is included in the nubila subscription. A free tier is also provided for developing purposes.


With the nubila cloud platform, all your devices are readily configurable online without programming a single line of code. You can store events and logs, make complex analysis, perform searches and generate plots. With our configurable trigger system, you can create complex automatic actions. You can send emails, create files on dropbox or even interact with Facebook or Twitter. On larger high level applications, you can even upload/download files and use audio/video streaming features. You can access the cloud with our module or with a simple linux client which also runs on linux embedded devices. All stored data in the cloud is also accessible with a handy REST API.

nubila is a full stack solution for your IoT and cloud needs: from the board to the cloud!

Application scenarios

How can you leverage the power of nubila? Here are a few examples

Fast prototypes

Ready-to-use IoT device for makers and prototyping

Do you need to acquire data, control I/O or need a fast prototype to decrease the time to market? In this scenario, you only need a nubila module, with no additional hardware. The module uses its own modem and SIM to connect to the nubila cloud and can be set up to work as a standalone unit. In addition to the GPS, the module also offers a wide range of interfaces: GPIO, analog inputs/outputs, I2C, CAN, USB, serial, SPI, Timer capture/PWM which can be completely configured through the online platform. You only need to connect the power supply and you are ready to go!

Your board in the cloud

Add the cloud to your embedded boards

Are you designing a new embedded board and thinking of adding cloud features to your project? You can simply integrate a nubila module on your custom board. Our device is a OEM module and can be mounted through a connector. It uses its own modem and SIM to connect to the nubila cloud and exposes the platform services to the external interfaces. By connecting the nubila module to an external microprocessor, you can access all the cloud features through common buses like serial port, SPI, I2C, etc… Even a simple 8-bit microcontroller can log data to the cloud, send an email or create a file on dropbox by connecting it to a nubila module!

Upgrade your Linux

Upgrade to the cloud your linux board

Do you already have an internet-connected linux board and thinking of upgrading it by adding cloud services? The nubila cloud platform is accessible through a plain internet connection, you only need to install our nubila software client on your linux platform and you are ready to go with no additional hardware. And if you already have a modem on your board, you can use our nubila connectivity SIM which is included in the subscription cost!

Mobile ready

Control your devices with a smartphone/tablet

No matter how, but once you have connected your devices to the nubila cloud, they can be controlled on our platform even using a mobile device. Or by using our REST API, you can also develop your custom mobile applications to manage them. You are free to access your data on our platform in any way you need!

IoT everywhere

Add remote monitoring to unreachable locations

Do you have a device with no connectivity option? Nubila got you connected! If your devices are without DSL/Cable/WiFi connectivity, thanks to its GSM modem, nubila module and services can be used to reach and communicate with your applications deployed in remote locations. Nubila connectivity is not linked to a specific mobile network operator: we have a wide range of partners so the nubila SIMs can always pick up the best signal!

Track your assets

Manage your fleet of vehicles/machinery

Do you need to track the position of your fleet of vehicles such as cars, aircrafts, ships, vans and trucks, as well as rail cars? Thanks to the integrated GPS, the nubila module can be used seamlessly to locate the position of your assets. And even if the GPS signal is not present, you can use the A-GPS position supplied by the GSM modem to get an approximate location of your device.

Cloud plans

nubila services are currently in BETA and accessible by paying a subscription fee.


100 events/day
10 triggers
20 actions/day


300 events/day
20 triggers
40 actions/day


1000 events/day
50 triggers
100 actions/day


10k events/day
100 triggers
200 actions/day


Unlimited events
Unlimited triggers
Unlimited actions
File storage
A/V streaming

Special launch offer: try our Basic plan for FREE

NO credit card required!

Optional connectivity

If your device doesn't already connect to internet, check out our dedicated connectivity options.


nubila module

nubila SIM included.
Unlimited GSM traffic to nubila cloud

nubila SIM

No recurring costs, use forever!
Unlimited GSM traffic to nubila cloud

Nubila connectivity plans are currently covering EU countries.

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